Sudhir Moravekar | Pancard Clubs Limited (PLC)

Sudhir Moravekar | Pancard Clubs Limited (PCL)

Pancard Clubs
Mr. Sudhir Moravekar, promoter of Panoramic Group, is an entrepreneur whose unique leadership and vision has led to an immense success that the organization enjoys in recent times. This has been made possible with the three principles with which he laid the foundation of Panoramic Group; and these principles are Honesty, Hard work and Intelligence.

Pancard Clubs Limited (PCL) is a part of Panoramic Group with vested interests in development and maintenance of Clubs and Resorts in India. Pancard Clubs Limited provides all applicants with an option of obtaining room nights at discounted rates for a specific period of time. Mr. Sudhir Moravekar has ensured that these rates are much lesser than the prevailing rates in any of the hotels owned by Panoramic Group.

Its biggest advantage is that if any applicant fails to utilize all its room nights, he or she can surrender the same to the company at an estimated value decided by Pancard Club Limited. Apart from these benefits the applicant can also get an additional 15% on food & non-alcoholic beverages. The benefits doesn't end here, as the applicants are also provided with Mediclaim, Life Insurance & Accidental Death claim.

With PCL, it has become possible even for people belonging to the middle-class to enjoy more luxurious stays in elegant hotels. This has served the purpose for which Mr. Sudhir Moravekar had introduced the timeshare concept of Pancard Clubs Limited. Over a period of time, several people have come to know about its extraordinary benefits. Now, they can be assured that their vacations would be a pleasant experience, thanks to the long-term gains that a simple membership can bring them. All the external factors or economic conditions like inflation will not deter them from planning exciting trips to some of the most exotic locations with their entire family.

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